Some accepted genres

1. Yes:
  • grindcore and variants
  • metalcore and deathcore
  • djent
  • glam rock
  • classic rock
  • progressive rock
  • psychedelic rock
  • hard rock
  • punk rock
  • gothic rock
  • industrial metal
  • alternative metal
  • j-rock, visual kei
  • post-rock, post-punk
  • combined genres(if have more influences of permited genres, then yes) disturbed
  • cover if members and/or label of rock and metal, or if the cover songs are rock/metal interpreted in rock/metak(if they make covers from iron maiden in acoustic for example then they will be included)
2. No:
  • pop music - chemical romance blink182 ***band members
  • alternative rock - linkin park***********band members
  • mallcore(maybe later)- limb bizki*******************NO
  • hardcore(variants) - ***********************band members and/or label especialized in rock/metal
  • others(ambient,drone,nois)*********band members and/or label
  • industrial rock
3. other no:
  • those which are not in MA

Some useful things

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Some messages

  • 1.-This band is currently in your drafts. Please wait until you have fewer than 5 pending bands before submitting this one.
  • 2.-se actualiza y si ya tienes 5 te manda ese error (del 1)
  • 3.-Sorry, this band has been blacklisted by the moderation and can no longer be submitted. If you think this is an error, please ask in this forum thread. Attempting to circumvent the blacklist is a bannable offense. Thank you.
  • 4.-Sorry, this band has been blacklisted by the moderation and can no longer be submitted. If you think this is an error, please ask in this forum thread. Attempting to circumvent the blacklist is a bannable offense. Thank you.
  • At least one component is double-sided but has no tracks under side B. If there is no B side, please check the "no B side" box above the track listing. If there is a B side, please click and drag the line that says "Side B" to the correct position in the tracklisting. If you have researched it but still don't know which songs are on side B, you may leave it as is and continue.
  • Upcoming albums must have a confirmed cover art.
  • Note: An album with a release date in the future can only be added if all its information (release date, track listing, cover art) has been confirmed by an official source. Please make sure this is the case before continuing.
  • 1.-todas lo del hostrorial
  • 2.-comportamientos (not a split afeter all??)
  • 3.- tener en cuanta todas la paginas

Here are some errors/bug or info that needs to be completed

  • edit artist,band, etc. issue: Needs to validate than only the year should be fills up
  • In additional info, when last words are a links and are being cutted off, it will have a weird behaviour.
  • Add a new disco do not up until now validate, if info fails everythg will be lost
  • Maybe some ajax needs to be fix it when adding links or similar artists
  • track durations. they are showing up hours (fase 2)
  • Saving band line-up does not show a warning advising us that "info is already saved", also changing up artist from members to live and viceversa aren't being showed in the other tab, the same goes for the disco line-up
  • A complecated thing: years of bands do not work: "Years active"
  • Add news archives and edit it
  • When band gets approved/rejected sometimes addressing does not work
  • Verify that some pages are not accesible without being logged or id of band/artist/label doest not exists.
  • some country list pages such as label country
  • blacklisted
  • Bookmark band (fase 2)
  • similar bands page
  • bann user, change points/ranks
  • IP (agregzr cuando se crean/modifican)(user,band,label,artist,disco)
  • Hide javascript y main.js y main.css
  • create the form for the users
  • Create ranks
  • Hide tools for different kinds of users or hide when is not logged
  • Give points when updating also updated last modified by
  • Chage those images, they are taken from metal-archives with a slightly change color
  • Edit(update) information for bands/discos/labels/artists will be added until the end.
  • 1.Checar label select, release select(usuarios veteranos + pueden borrar la cancion), lo de si no existe input (isset($_POST[''])) que lo carge del que ya esta en lña base de datos 2.Vistas de todos los formularios esconder segun su rango 3.Checar el validate de todos los formularios (band, artist, label, release) por que aveces no cargamos el tipo de login en el validate (controlador) 4.css estilo checar los datatables que se quedan muy abajo, andar checando las paginas que tengan algun problema con el estilo 5.algo del release edit no se anda registrando para el historia
  • formularios con validacion
  • redirects (fnciones peligrodsas)
  • csrf user/edit, home, user/edit
  • checar como lo veriran alguien no logueado/vetado/normal usario/moderators(CONSOLA ABIERTA)
  • checar los splits cuando una banda esta borrado
  • cambia ranks automaticamente cuando alcanze los puntos
  • ocultar cosas tanto para los no logueados como para los banned (en views)
  • llamar a call update_rank( $id_user ) cada vez que se modificquen puntos
  • footer ahora es obligatorio (fase 2)
  • add release similar a editrelease, historial en ambos, csrf
  • Utilizar url_title para los nombres de de las bandas por ejemplo AC/DC
  • CHECar el sql injection binding en algunas consultas
  • CHECar paginas que se suponen no se debe poder entrar sin autorizacion
  • CHECar imagenes que se suban y se cambien con la cache y talvez las fubnciones de subida y mostrar en un solo lado
  • CHEcar todas las paginas una por una y validar y cer seguridad (recordar lo que paso con miss bandas que si se le cambia el data)
  • og metas
  • Funcuiones peligrosas(acciones de los moderadores nada mas) como eliminar discos pasarlos a Moderators(para que sean reidirigidas si alguien mas entra)